2017-06-21 14:22:40 by Nawtacop

slowly learning to use jackbeat and lmms, I've found the former to be great for sequencing drums and the latter for synth samples. Lmms is cluttered and lacks some options, but hopefully using both these tools I can put something together soon. My last song "Comfort Zone"  was made entirely in Jackbeat, but Lmms gives me the freedom to put my midi controller to use, something I never thought possible on linux mint.

Future Projects and Plans and the death of SCA

2016-04-13 17:13:23 by Nawtacop

Well, my phone has been broke for a while, and with it dies supercatgirlapocalypse, my experimental electronic project. I've decide it's best to move on to better things, get some actual equipment... I'm done with DAWS and virtual sequencers for the time being, and I'm gonna invest my time and money into physical synths and drum machines, all the while training my voice and looking for gigs playing in local bands. I'm currently working on a new album, in fact, although it's in very early stages, admitedly... More on this as it develops. Stay tight, peeps!

I have two albums about anime catgirls from space taking over the world, go check them out if you're into that I guess: